Chameleon City

Starting up in Asia

I moved from New York City to Hanoi, and encountered a learning curve steeper than I'd ever imagined. With high language barriers and an acute lack of online information, it was difficult to find life's necessities. A trustworthy barbershop or dentist, fresh veggies or healthy street food, a 24-hour clinic or pharmacy, or simply a recommendation on a quiet escape from the city – none of these things were easy to find, nor could they happen with a tap or click.

Through this experience, Chameleon City was born, and we set out to empower newcomers by helping them quickly adapt to the city. Our first product, a concierge app that's powered by locals, connects users to an awesome team of English-speaking "Insiders" who give advice, suggest unique local experiences, and help find absolutely anything around the clock. Within three months, Chameleon expanded to conquer the two largest markets in the country, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).


Date 2015 - 2018

Location Vietnam

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Co-Founder. Led product development & marketing, fundraising, recruiting, and engineering. Having split time between our launch market, Vietnam, and our travel tech hub, Voyager HQ in New York City, I had the pleasure of working on local ops while building and maintaining a global product vision for Chameleon.

An app for adapting abroad

Life is conversational, but travel generally isn't. We scour reviews, attempting to find personas that match our own; we look at one-size-fits-all advice, find the tourist centers of a city and flock there; we search and search again, for that genuine, unique, local information on cities, but it's never exactly what we want. With Chameleon, we envisoned simplicity in travel: just ask a question, get a curated answer.

In few short years, we have realized this dream, and helped all of our users get hyperlocal expertise. 94% of the time we solved users' needs in just one response, which typically occured within 5 minutes, 24 hours a day. We are pleased with our progress, and honored to continue helping people find what they're looking for in Vietnam.

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